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All clients have varied, and specific requirements, and each quote will be different. The best possible solution is quickly estimated once we have had a brief discussion. We can arrange a quotation and design a solution based on your exact needs and budget.

Yes.  We have numerous clients that self-build and manage their exhibition program. Our systems are designed with no tools and no particular experience required to set up. They are packaged in a way to make this process as simple and easy as possible - making it both time saving and economical.    We also offer total project and logistic services if you get stuck and are pleased to offer a full and comprehensive quote on your complete exhibition program.

Yes - We have over 25 years' experience in the Portable Display and Exhibition arena. Our award winning  designers will create a complete proposal document based on your needs and budget guidelines.  We pay very close attention to your input and brief and combine that with our knowledge and expertise in Exhibition Kits  -  it’s a very smooth process.

Our mobile marketing kits are designed to solve this exact and very common situation.  Our systems are the most modular and versatile solution on the market so we can take your future needs into account. We will also demonstrate within your initial proposal document how the same components will create various floor plans  -  so as you grow, so can your exhibit..

Our portable range can be packaged for you to include various sizes of transit cases.  They are robust and purpose built  - with industrial castors and moulded handles.  Dependent on the size of your exhibit these cases will fit in the back of most vehicles.  For larger more bespoke set ups requiring delivery  - we can arrange all aspects of your build and bump out.  Many of our clients exhibit interstate and further afield and we can provide the complete service -  using experienced staff within our professional network.

No  -  we can include and supply all the lighting you will require . We have a large range of options and these can also include our new generation of the latest backlit display units on todays market.  It is a very important component and there is nothing worse than a poorly lit exhibit  .  We will guide you through this.

No issue, we have all this covered and can offer as either a hire or buy option.  We can also arrange your electrical onsite requirements  -  There is no need to deal with any other contact and/or event organiser.  Leave it to us -   we will complete all OHS and Stand Build approvals on your behalf.

The first question we will ask is, "when do you need your exhibit"? .   Simple individual stand components are readily available and we can arrange graphics within days. Larger more complex solutions require time  -  but, being hands on we can sort these and deliver within very tight delivery deadlines. We will always supply a scope of works and time frame project management schedule to ensure we meet all deadlines.

We offer both options  -  If you intend to only exhibit once in a while then a hire package might suit your budget requirements best. It is important to know that we can create a custom kit that will stand alongside the best single use custom purpose built stands . Don’t be afraid to show us a solution that you are arranging and  give us the opportunity to convert the design into a reusable and far more economical  solution.