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October 24, 2018 2 min read

We love it when our clients let us get creative, so when the team at Urban Utilities came to us needing a unique stand for their display at the 2017 Ekka, we were just a little bit excited! The Urban Utilities crew were searching for a creative, ‘outside the box’ thinking display company. After asking for recommendations, they heard from one of our previous clients that we had the expertise and mindset to provide them with exactly what they needed.
Urban Utilities required a solution to help them present and introduce “The Rolls” family and their home in a life sized format. Not just a display, The Rolls family needed to be ‘alive’, going about their day-to-day life in the family lounge room.

“The Rolls” family are your every-day family of talking toilet paper rolls and they designed to teach us about what we should and shouldn’t flush!
Learn more about The Rolls Family here

While this display was initially required for the Ekka, it also needed to be transportable. The whole system would be required to be packed up and rebuilt at various locations all across the Brisbane Metro area.

Our solution for the Urban Utilities Team resulted in a creative display set using Waveline XPO range combined with our state of art Tension Fabric print technology.

The end result was flawless and really drew in a crowd at the Ekka. We are proud to say that we have since set up this display on numerous other occasions for Urban Utilities and each time it is a hit!

Our premium grade system for Urban Utilities was delivered on time, on budget and has resulted in a very happy customer!