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October 20, 2018 2 min read

If you’re in need of a simple display that stands out from the crowd, our Standard Waveline Series is the perfect product. Set up is simple; just two easy steps and your display is ready in 5 minutes!

  1. Create the frame by connecting the bungee-corded tubes together; matching the colour codes marked on the ends of the tubes.
  2. Once the frame is fully assembled, pull the wrinkle resistant polyester fabric over the frame and zip it closed around the edges for a smooth finish.

How easy is that?! Our assembly process doesn’t require any tools and is incredibly user friendly; anyone can do it!

Once you’re finished ‘wowing’ your customers with your display, there’s no need to mess around with complicated pack down systems. Simply disassemble the display and place it in the transit case. Being a super lightweight system, it’s easily and economically transportable to your next event. No more need for large transport vehicles that cost an arm and a leg; our system will fit easily in the back of a station wagon.

Custom printed with your artwork, our Waveline Systems are available in numerous sizes including (but not limited to) 6m, 3m and 2.5m wide. This System is also available in a variety of shapes – straight, curved and ‘S’ shaped and are available with a range of add on accessories including new generation LED lights and Case2table Kits. . To really maximise your display, these systems can be printed with single or double-sided graphics. This allows you to not only showcase your branding but also your services, products and special offers. The Waveline Systems are an eye-catching display ideal for press backdrops, media walls, and product launches, sponsor walls, exhibitions and major events.

Feeling inspired? Browse our range, or contact us to discuss your mobile marketing needs.