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April 27, 2018 2 min read

Oneview is one of Australia’s leading health technology suppliers and are a major exhibitor all over the world. In the past, Oneview has engaged exhibition and display companies to build their complete custom-made stands as one-off use exhibition solutions. Only recently launching into the Australian market, Oneview needed a cost effective option for their exhibition program that would make them a stand out from the crowd.

 Oneview set out a tender for below requirements:

  • Reusable to save costs of creating new elements at each exhibition
  • Able to fit various floor sizes (6m x 6m island stand and a 6m x 3m stand)
  • Economical to ship and store
  • Needs a raised XPO floor
  • Complete, including lighting
  • Eye catching with a point of difference

Ultimately what they were chasing was a viable alternative to a custom build stand without compromising on functionality and the visual ‘wow-factor’.

For this tender, Portable Creations submitted our Waveline Exhibition System – the complete solution for all of the aspects Oneview required for their stand. Upon award of the tender, we custom designed various elements and shapes that are covered with our premium grade, tension fabric prints.

The real standout of this display is the multi-media, overhead blimp that sits atop the stand. This blimp feature four TV screens for display and is extremely light weight which negates the expense of overhead rigging.

The entire stand can be reused and re-skinned with numerous and varied graphic content. This allows for customisation to suit different trade shows. As mentioned in the tender, one of the most important requirements that Oneview were chasing was cost effective shipping and storage.  This is yet another reason that the Waveline exhibition stood out. Our portable display stand has a unique, transportable function that you wont find anywhere else; it all packs down with ease and will transport in 4 transit cases. This makes storage and freight extremely cost effective.

“Oneview Healthcare recently had a requirement for a new display solution for national events. With specific requirements for portability and point of difference, we were looking for a solution that was a little different. Following a market scan we explored Portable Creations capabilities and worked with their design team to create a new solution that met our brief. Major time constraints required the Portable Creations team to stretch yet they delivered with quality and service. Andrews’s team were collaborative throughout the entire process. We are extremely happy with the services and product delivered by Portable Creations and would recommend them to others.”

Craig Kenny- Principal Architect APAC.”

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