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January 24, 2018 2 min read

The art of exhibiting has changed over the years . Portable Creations have been and still are a major supplier and innovator within the Portable Display and Exhibition Systems market. With 25 years experience our product and industry knowledge is unsurpassed – “Do you know what a composite negative or a cromalin proof is or was” – well back in the day, meaning pre digital printers and dye sublimated fabric prints were about – Portable Creations were hard at it supplying the exhibition market with lightweight and portable displays which when fitted with full photographic panels ​were​ the best solution available. We have always been at the for​e​ of product and market development

Saying that – in days gone by, Lightweight meant 40kg display board kits and 35kg expandable display frames. Which would break your back and cost a fortune to ship as your staff would refuse to handle and erect – as some of these products did indeed need a degree in construction to ​build.​

As clients needs and expectations changed the industry and suppliers have also had to move forward – no longer can a client hope to depend on the fickle nature of transport companies and super tight delivery and production schedules, or the fact tha​t the exercise of exhibiting​ can become​ a​​n OHS and staff relationship nightmare.

The​ Wavline XPO range is the solution , The​ kit​s​ shown ​are​ true Mobile Marketing ​system​s​​​ allowing the exhibitor to be complet​e​​ly ​ independent and self reliant of external contractors and courier companies​​.

​ Imagine arriving at the venue with your complete stand in hand all packaged in transit cases / bags all on board with you – and within 60 minutes be completely ​s​et​ up​ and ready to go.

It is also a fact that most frustration and stress is during the bump – not with your Waveline XPO kit . simply dismantle re pack and off you go –

With ​all the afore​mentioned ​in mind ​and the​ need for a true Mobile Marketing Solution – the Tension Fabric Display wall was brought to life​ by​ Portable Creations ​and ​as in the past ​we have ​continued to create , develop and fine tune the delivery and future of the Portable Modular Exhibition ​Market.​